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After 10 years of living in France, Doriane restarted singing, something that she forgot for quite a while. In the beginning of 2015, two dear friends came to her and asked if she could sing with her guitarists in their wedding. She said yes immediately and decided to write them a song as a wedding gift. That was  the  moment Doriane took on guitar seriously and played the piano again. She wrote the first song in her life at the age of 40, and that was how the journey began. 

She started to play gigs, busk in Paris and London, Madrid, Barcelona, Japan, Taiwan, solo or with musician and singer friends, French, African, English, Japanese, Chinese, Canadian, Swedish, Russian, American, Argentinian, Italian,.. people from all over the world. They have helped train her to become a better singer, musician and songwriter. 5 years later, another big change came to her life. She wanted to become physically strong enough to carry instruments, sing louder and longer on the stage,  so she started to learn kick boxing, Krav Maga and Chinese Kung Fu. She never thought she could be able to challenge martial arts at this age and discover this amazing woman within herself that she has never really known existed. Now she always travels with a music instrument and boxing gloves in her bag. Kicking and singing wherever she goes. 

Each of the songs she wrote tells a true story that happens to you, me, and everybody. Her dream is to share more love, smile, ease the pain and tears of people, touch their souls, heal broken hearts and even make this world more beautiful. Her dark chest voice sings out thousands of emotions and hope. Her Asian or European touch of piano takes you somewhere or anywhere. She is not limited by styles of music, she is a Rocker with soulful influence, a Composer with a hard core of romance.

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