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Dear fans, I am proud to annonce the 10-minute documentary "Island 愛人" that I worked with Taiwanese director Ho Pei Ko and Taiwanese/New Zealander dancer Ruby Chan was nominated for Best Short Documentary in l'Hospitalet de Llobregat International Film Festival in Barcelona, Vertigo Film Fest in Milan, Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes, and just won the Best Short Documentary in the Best Istanbul Film Festival.


This short documentary is an emotional dedication to Ruby's grandmother, who is completely paralyzed, taken care by her beloved husband. They are both more than 90 years old now. Ruby would really love her grandmother and family to see this film. The love, care and patience of the grandfather for his wife was so tender and limitless that inspired me to compose the music for this documentary and for them. Hope you like our work, if you like it, please share it. The documentary is also about this lovely and peaceful place called Sun Moon Lake, in centre of Taiwan, where story began.

​親愛的朋友們, 我很榮幸地跟大家分享以下這好消息:

我和導演朋友柯合倍與舞者朋友 Ruby Chan合作的 10 分鐘寫實紀錄片剛剛入圍2018 年11 月底法國坎城地中海電影節和12月中韓國釜山藝術電影節的最佳紀錄片。這是 Ruby 為了她腦性麻痺,全身癱瘓的阿嬤所創作的影片,獻給她 90 高齡的阿公阿嬤跟她的家人。透過導演兼攝影合倍細緻,溫和的手法,我們從另一個角度感受到日月潭的唯美風華。

影片中行動不便的阿公不辭勞苦,日夜照顧陪伴他多年的老婆,讓我在熱淚中,感動創作了伴隨這故事的鋼琴旋律,希望你們喜歡, 也分享給你們的親朋好友,謝謝。

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